Fightback Featured In The Mail Online

April 13th, 2022 by Administrator

In the most recent budget, Rishi Sunak announced a reduction from 63p in the pound to 55p in the universal credit taper rate – the amount in benefits a claimant loses for each pound they earn above a set work allowance. The move was intended to compensate for the withdrawal of the £20-a-week uplift which was introduced during the pandemic. Shortly after the announcement, we were contacted by Katie Feehan from the Mail Online for our comments on the changes.

When speaking to Kaite, Michelle commented that ‘This is a budget for the those who are non-disabled or not caring for someone. It is again ignoring people on disability benefits who are unable to work full time. The government don’t care about disabled people and we see this daily in our work at Fightback4justice. One lady told us she felt like a non-person, someone who is glazed over and forgotten about. It’s dehumanising and shameful.’

If you would like to read over the full report in the Mail Online, please click HERE.