Year on Year Stats

January 18th, 2022 by Administrator

Every new year we work out of official legal figures which are available for scrutiny, see photos.
Sharing our official figures for 2017-2020 for our advocacy appeals to the Lower Tier Tribunal.

2019 – 90.9% success rate overall in all appeals last year 31.6% were overturned AHEAD of a hearing. this is from 386 appeal hearings mostly via telephone.
2019 pre Covid, we attended or representing via distance in 436 Appeals and won 89.9% of these.
2018 it is 298 appeals with 89.5% overall success rate.
2017 was 200 appeal hearing at 80.5% overall success rate.
2013-15 we attended around 200 a year and did not keep official figures but most were overturned.

So when you see we have 90.9% this is from literally over 1000 appeal hearings we have advocated in as a legal team over the years, not just a couple.
We have long standing legally qualified advocates in welfare benefit law, and interact with the tribunals on a daily basis.
Upper Tier work, today we had word that we had again made legal history by having yet another lower tier decision overturned in the Upper Tier tribunal, our 30th to date.