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I've been sanctioned before. I got help from the surrey disabled peoples partnership. But DWP put me through the worst year of my life starting 2 weeks after my house burnt down and I broke my back in it. Although I was already disabled prior. I tried to overdose twice during that year. Won at tribunal for full everything so I feel the sanction pain and think you are all marvellous. People like you literally support and save lives don't ever forget it. Wish I had more to give you x

Helen - 12 January 14:24


I have used Fightback4justice notes, forum and groups to sort out my mandatory reconsideration letters and to help me find out the information I needed to request.  Michelle Cardno has also given me telephone help with completing my appeal forms for PIP.  She then looked at my letter via email, before I sent them off to ensure they were correct.  I have a telephone filling forms appointment for my new pip claim on 21st January 2015.  My first form was filled in by a framework representative and was not done to Fightback's standards, which is why I have failed in my first PIP claim.  This was because I didn't know about Fightback until afterwards to much regret.

Elise - Nottingham


Hi Michelle & Team

Happy New Year to you all .Good news at long last I have been awarded PIP enhanced rate for Mobility & Care .I was so close to giving up because of the way I have been treated for 4 years the stress of putting myself through another medical & the possibility of more tribunals If I had failed but you guys kept me positive & completed my form .The Lady from Capita was Horrified at the treatment I have had in the past she said with all my scans and medical evidence it should never have been refused nor should this claim been sent for Capita to try prove I was lying . Anyway my nightmares are over until at least 2024 with pip thats how long I have been awarded my claim should have been back dated 4 years in my opinion as I have had this condition since then if not before as most my health issues were present at Birth. But I was awarded from september.I know I have paid for the form completion & made a donation but I would like to make another donation if that is okay at the moment I am in bed with a flippin sickness bug but the minute I am strong enough to get to town I will put £100 in Fightback account can you confirm the account number is still the same as the one I paid into before

Marie in Chester x

Marie - Chester


My name is Sally, I'm from Exeter in Devon, i found it nigh on impossible to find support or advice here,  i used the notes and advise on the forum and fightback facebook pages, to challenge both my husbands and my friends claim for ESA, my husband has MS and he was moved to support from wrag when i asked for mandatory reconsideration, but i had to go to court for my friends appeal, she suffers from a number of mental health difficulties and didn't understand what was needed on the forms when she completed them, at the appeal court i used the information given on the forums to challenge the decision and the judge took 15 mins to place her into support group ! , the support and advise given by fightback has really helped me when i have felt at my lowest and to me they are an invaluable place to turn to for support and advice, hope this helps in your fundraising if you want any further details then please feel free to contact me

Kind regards


Sally - Exeter



I am writing in support of Fightback4Justice who helped me with my PIP application.  I have PTSD, long-term depression, anxiety and the odd physical issue to add into the mix.

They supported me from when my form was submitted including preparing me for my assessment, which alleviated the stress and anxiety somewhat and then one of their members of staff attended the assessment with me.

They are totally unfunded yet they are always so accommodating.


Hi just got a phone call from bank saying a lump sum of money is going into our joint account from DWP. I can only think it's pip we put in for it in sept/oct. I phoned DWP and he's been awarded enhanced mobility and daily living with 19 points dl and 14 for mobility. We get money tomorrow so a I'll be sending some of it your way thank you so much for all your advice. Hope we can relax a bit until ESA calls us in or feb 2017. I've sent some money I hope it's gone into the account ok xx

Fightback4Justice Group Member


More great news Angie has gone straight into support group quickly thanks to our ESA50 form filling with no medical.

Fightback4Justice Group Member


Fightback I LOVE YOU!!!!!.....I have had M.E for 20 years, was in WRAG until last assesment but used your notes on ESA, I got a letter from my GP and from Fairlawns M.E service in Sheffield, supporting my case, had an assesment which I had recorded, I was dreading the brown envelope and the stress was really mental torment but got it today, have been put in support group!!!! Like everyone else with a health condition I would LOVE to work full time and get my own place but the M.E won't let me...will send you a donation asap.



Brilliant news via phone just in, Nicola a long standing client of Fightback has won her appeal to overturn the DLA decision, and has been awarded Higher Rate Mobility. We are very pleased for her.

Fightback4justice Group Member


More good news in via email,

Ive been awarded Higher rate mobility and enhanced daily living, PIP after Michelle attended a medical with me and completed my form last August, I cant believe it as the assessor was awful, even to Michelle at one point. Think the clinching moment was when Michelle handed her her business card with fightback and solicitors on it! Im still in shock. Brilliant thanks again everyone you are wonderful for what you are doing and for the help you give. - Susie H

Susie H


Thank you for all your kind comments like my daughter says it has been two years of hell had two dates and both been cancelled one the day before and one on the day . was also told my case had been over turned and after waiting for months numerous phone calls to dwp and the courts told all sorts of fairy tales as to why i had not yet heard anything to be told months down the line that the letter had been sent out in error i had not had my appeal turned over..knocked me back i can tell you .. my advice to any one going through this it to dont let the.......... get you down like the song says i get knocked down but i GOT UP AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN with the help of my family and friends and the lovely Michelle. THEY WOULD NOT LET ME GIVE UP no matter how much i wanted to i was weary bodily and mentally but glad i had the support .. dont give up and once again thankyou Michelle.



Great news just in

With help from your vast amount of info and shared knowledge I have been awarded both mobility and care rates of DLA after informing them of a change of circumstances. I sent the form off a couple of weeks ago and got confirmation today, didn't even have to have an interview! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you all put in to assist others in navigating these mine fields. A donation is on it's way.

Thanks again.



Good news via email

Wanted to say a big thank you

I read your advice before my Atos medical re my depression and I've been put in Support Group plus back dated money sorted all within the same month

Thank you



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