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About Us

Fightback4Justice founder Michelle is qualified (LLB with Hons) in Law, with a wealth of Welfare Benefit and Advocacy experience, and is fantastically equipped to assist with Benefit and Appeal related queries. Furthermore, Michelle Employment Law and Debt experience, she worked as a paid Legal Advisor at Citizens Advice Bureau specialising in Welfare Benefit Appeals and applications for over 2 years.

"I personally have not earned a proper, even moderately basic wage since I started Fightback4Justice in January 2013"


Powerful words from Michelle, but a real sign of the dedication that her and her team to the cause. Fightback relies on a small, dedicated army of volunteers; some working from the office, others online looking our social network outlets. Most of the volunteers are disabled people, some are working up to 60 hrs a week completely FREE.

The organisation receives no funding whatsoever and relies on kind donations from the public to help cover the boring administrative things: office space, photocopying, calls, travel, parking, postage, utilities etc. Ultimately, Fightback4justice is designed to be a free legal help service, accessible to everyone in Britain.

Through constant training and working closely with numerous charities and agencies, Fightback4Justice is always up to date with the latest laws and regulations to ensure you get the highest quality of help and advice.

Experience is the greatest teacher. Fightback4Justice have dealt with hundreds of successful PIP/ESA claims, and more than 200 assessments supported since inception; Fightback4Justice are true experts who will work tirelessly to get the outcome you deserve.


We offer:

Assistance with all aspects of claiming welfare benefits including:
Factsheets/interactive sessions on the claims/assessment/reconsideration and appeals process
for ESA/PIP/DLA and WTC.
Advocacy/advice and template letters for 1st & 2nd tier tribunal hearings.
Overpayment/Benefit Fraud advice for all welfare benefits.
Downloadable template letters and example pre-filled forms.
VIP helpline service.
95% Success rate in all areas. 


What we offer

 We offer assistance in completing Disability Benefits forms:

  • ESA (Employment Support Allowance)
  • PIP (Personal Independence Payment)
  • DLA (Disability Living Allowance)
  • AA (Attendance Allowance)

Secure & Safe Environment

Most social networks today will not guarantee exclusivity – The Fightback4justice Network is built specific for our needs. The community is safe and all content is secure.

Fightback 4 Justice Network

On the network you will be able to access template letters, hints and tips as well as in-depth articles all here to help you help yourself. If you can't find what you need, please get in touch.

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